Freestanding baths and washbasins with unique character.

The entire collection of AURA™ freestanding baths and washbasins is characterised by charming lightness and extraordinary dynamic balance, which simultaneously expresses strength and solidity that harmoniously matches geometrical and architectural accents, thus, emphasizing the impersonation of contemporary aesthetics in the bathroom designs.

Most of the AURA ™ design collection are characterised by absolutely unique identity – the design of our freestanding baths was developed by partially retaining the generally accepted rules of baths and washbasins design, by partially introducing new and partially emphasizing the irresistible attraction of finely balanced asymmetry, that can definitely qualify for a dominant position in Your bathroom design.

You will find something useful from AURA™ collection to suit any contemporary bathroom, furthermore, our professional personnel can create a Your unique bath or washbasin – based on Your sketch, in a single copy.

MARMORYL® technology | made in EU | 25 years warranty.