Personalized bathtub

Some things, it seems, cannot be done, perhaps, because they’ve never been done before. Finding solutions requires an open mind, a focused mind. This is how we produce not just the perfect bathtub, but the owner’s perfect personalized bathtub.

Bathroom design or space configuration sometimes requires non-standard solutions. Thanks to Marmoryl® technology, which we use in our factory, we can flexibly implement the individual needs of each client – a wide range of colors and the ability to change the design, dimensions and shape of Your special bathroom. 

Until now, buying an individual bath according to the client’s needs was practically impossible. This option is now available even without significant cost increases.

We pride ourselves in integrating fine craftmanship with sophisticated technology. To our craftsmen, perfection is a point of principle. We encourage a philosophy whereby each individual feels personally responsible for the quality of the entire project.