• Comfort delights Your body, design delights Your Soul.

    Quality and warranty delights Your Consciousness.

Design and technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives. And of course the quality.

Comfort and beauty are the key things that delight Your body and soul. 

25 years warranty are the key words of the quality that delights Your mind.

The AURA™ baths design provides comfort and beauty. MARMORYL® technology ensures quality.

The brand AURA™ unites excellent quality with tasteful, avantgarde visual baths design and flawless ergonomics. Thanks to the flexibility of MARMORYL® technology, our production options for individual goods is surprisingly varied – we can transform any of the standard models design according to the wishes of our client, as well as create a completely new and unique item.

  • Comfort delights Your body, design delights Your Soul.

    Quality and warranty delights Your Consciousness.

Baths design

AURA™ cast marble baths and washbasins embody the modern style of design, while maintaining a feeling of comfort and warmth in your bathroom. Our collection consists of freestanding baths and matching basins – this opens a world of possibilities for you to choose a matching bath and washbasin set suitable for the design of your bathroom from our wide array of freestanding bathtubs, or choose a bath design that will become the focus of your bathroom interior. Make it unique by choosing more than 150 colours from RAL and modifying the outer shape of your bath design according to your taste.

Moreover, you have the possibility to order a unique bath, designed just for you – our artisans will make it according to your sketch.

  • Comfort delights Your body, design delights Your Soul.

    Quality and warranty delights Your Consciousness.

Baths producing technology

Every AURA™ bath and washbasin is made by our artisans from the marble composite material using MARMORYL® technology and every product is individually and carefully hand crafted.

Finely granulated marble and binding composite materials from Europe are the main components of MARMORYL® technology. Enamel used in the production of any cast marble bath and washbasin is specially made on demand for the MARMORYL® technology.

MARMORYL® technology  provides high plasticity and the excellent possibility of processing the material by hands enables creation of unique products, various individual solutions choosing shapes, colours and sizes selected by the customer – it is a possibility to creat unique designs that are match with your taste and accordingly with bathroom dimensions and furnishings.

This technology, in combination with the highest level of artisanship, is what allows AURA™ to ensure a 25 year warranty for all AURA™ produced cast marble bathtubs and washbasins, as well as a practically unlimited operational lifetime.


Unique design

In addition to our existing designs, new bath design can also be created by you or our  designers, to achieve the most desired result.


Technology allows us to offer individual solutions in washbasin and bath design shapes, sizes and colors.


Design of baths and washbasins is developed focusing not only on external aesthetics, but also on functionality, ease of use and comfort.


Water in the bath retains heat longer and so does the baths surface, making the surface warmer and more pleasant to the touch. Thickness of the material also dampens the noise of filling the bath.


Surface coating used in the MARMORYL® technology, provides our products surface with hygienic properties, making the surface easier to maintain.


Installation of our products is simple and quick, also surface damage can be repaired at home to the point where the repaired surface is indistinguishable from the original structure.

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